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Happy 2019 FKers! 236

Happy New Year from the South Pole! The Antarctic ice sheet moves 10-meters per year, so there is an annual ceremony to move the Geographic South Pole marker. The winter machinist makes a new marker each year, which is first revealed at the ceremony #newyears #southpole — South Pole Telescope (@SPTelescope) January 1, 2019 ...

Cold Stove Grill 300

I’m starting to get desperate for news that the contending A’s have acquired somebody. Maybe a fresh thread will make it happen. Talk about whatever.

There’s The Game, and then there’s The Big Game — fire up The Grill 286

An exciting, or maybe not, Rivalry Saturday of mediocre FKing football is almost upon us. For some reason the 135th edition of that excuse for drunken debauchery is being played at Fenway Park rather than Harvard Stadium. I didn’t know a betting line existed for that one, but Vegas Insider currently shows Harvard -4.5 with ...

Hot Election Stove Grill 243

Get er done people — Vince Cotroneo (@vincebaseball) November 6, 2018

World Series of Unfortunate Events 181

Go Red Sox, I guess. Who really cares.

Less Certain Sympathies 145

Milwaukee is the heavy favorite really because the other three cities are nigh intolerable. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Division Series thread 90

Losing hurts, as it always does, but I’m still watching, and maybe you are too.

No ghosts in this ballpark 136

Just an unrelenting tide of A’s arms about to drown the Yankees like so much Manhattan real estate circa 2050. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

NL Tiebreaker/Wild Card Game Thread 158

Brewers @ Cubs 10 am Monday Rockies @ Dodgers 1 pm Monday Game 2 loser @ Game 1 loser 5 pm Tuesday All games on ESPN

Game 160-162: Meaningless Games 90

The only three games of the season that don’t mean a thing. Revel in the boringness with me.