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My Grill Sal 75

Wash tests positive for pixie dust Sully is wrong backtracking here — their ressentiment was the same, it’s just that Nixon wasn’t an idiot and actually finished things that he set out to do Best. Headline. Ever. (via Sully’s minions) Someone let Kebob know if Beane is spotted in jewelry stores and tux-rental joints … ...

Let the bodies hit the floor… 97

I’ve been slacking. I’ve wanted to talk about the A’s roster as they head into the offseason for a couple weeks now and I haven’t done shit about it. The 40 man roster has 45 names on it, Ellis and Crisp are going to have their options picked up and there are about a dozen ...

Grilling on a Thin Line 110

Interesting thought-experiment by Tango. Don’t let Beane see it. This looks like something I really want to see. And Drew’s right — the Warner Archive is a genuine treasure. Have yet to order anything … mostly due to the fact that I’d have a hard time stopping at any reasonable number of titles. This, though, ...

The Big Grillkowski 117

Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov! Donnie, you’re out of your element. 13-year-old, Dude. What was all that shit about Vietnam? Let me tell ya something — I dig your work. Playing one side against the other, in bed with everybody — just fabulous stuff. Phillies at Giants @ 1:19 PT Rangers at Yankees @ 5:07 PT

Uh … fraud? 54

If there’s one thing I love, it’s big expensive terrible movies Mark Purdy runs 9 men onto the field for a long FG try, calls timeout, then punts it into the end zone for a 15-yard advantage in field position (LB, did you read Purdy when he was in Cinci?) Grienke available. There’s another one ...

Playoff salmagundi 59

So, consensus: did Wash screw the pooch last night with his bullpen usage? Yankees up 1-0. TODAY Yankees at Rangers 1:00 PT (TBS) Giants at Phillies 4:30 PT (FOX) SUNDAY Giants at Phillies 5:00 PT (FOX)

Eh, fuck ’em both 21

Sabathia’s bottom 1: walk, single, HR. Tejas up 3-0 in the 2nd.

Permanent residents of a unicorn ranch in fantasy land 84

I’m not sure what exactly this means for a potential stadium deal in SJ, but I’m pretty sure that if it happened in Oakland, ML would be trumpeting it as a massive FAIL (De Mause doesn’t quite go there … but almost) How sausage prices are made Interesting discussion of tv rights and their implications ...

Ain’t no grilling in a perfect world 48

Just … wow. Watch: (Counterpoint: am I the only one feeling mildly guilty for having twin flashbacks to Heathers?) In college, I played shofar for The Gallivanting Spatula Nuclear fucking physicist Christ, what a Swiss hole Off days suck. A non-A’s postseason sucks. Off days in a non-A’s postseason? Yeah. Sucks.

I want a new Grill. One that won’t make me sick. 57

One that won’t make me crash my car. Or make me feel three feet thick. We’re overdue. Like these guys were: The part about celebrating with ginger ale for Hamilton’s sake is nice. Not that I have any links for the grill. OK, here’s one: 25 reasons you shouldn’t vote for Don Perata. However, I’ll ...