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Green-watch! 22

Here’s hoping the broadcasters can pause in their slobbering all over the Yankees long enough to give us any important updates. C’mon Tomko–let’s beat these weasles.

Deadline for signing draft picks approaching 79

Haven’t heard much news on the A’s progress toward signing Grant Green and Max Stassi, so I did a little snooping. Update: Kevin Goldstein reports that the A’s have agreed to terms with Max Stassi. It was on Twitter, so it must be true. August 14: “We’ve talked to the agents for Green and Stassi ...

Uni-Watch! 16

These throwbacks put the A in awesome!  I like our uni’s better than the White Sox, though their logo is cool.  Our sock stripes are snazzy and I really think they look sharp with the white shoes.  Scheduling this game before the Raiders destroyed our pretty field would have been a wiser course of action.  I liked Geren ...

Screw balls: DLD 081409 84

I’m sure we’ve all read about this already, but: (a) ouch, (b) idiot Erik at Fangraphs buries the lede: Braden may be throwing That Pitch He Wasn’t Supposed To Ever Have Thrown after all

Former A’s we thought would never amount to anything having good-to-great years 13

As of 13 Aug 2009. Dan Meyer (RP): 43 IP, 170 ERA+, 8.5 K/9, 3.2 K/BB Kiko Calero (RP): 41.2 IP, 216 ERA+, 11.2 K/9, 2.6 K/BB John Baker (C): 303 PA, .352/.443 OBP/SLG, 109 OPS+ Carlos Gonzalez (C): 153 PA, .347/.489 OBP/SLG, 112 OPS+ Huston Street (RP): 46.2 IP, 147 ERA+, 10.4 K/9, 4.9 ...

All teams are *not* the same, after all: DLD 081309 83

All teams are *not* the same, after all many dozens of stupid things have been done, just in the last decade or so, over the objections of the general manager. Often, it’s because owners consider themselves the public face of their franchises and just can’t handle the criticism that would come with letting popular players ...

Grass-roots community game thread* 22

* sponsored by Verizon Mazzaro v. Berken. A’s get two on in the first but fail to score after a strikeemoutthrowemout DP.

[generic game thread] 75

[ironic/derisive comment]

DLD 081109 – Can anybody out there hear me? 97

So, I need entertainment during my work day, and no one else is making DLDs (note, now that I’ve said that I’ll probably be second in line today. Sometimes Yglesias has a stupid. Other times, it’s a smart. Sometimes, when you lavishly praise someone they embarrass you. Other times, they are Bob Herbert If your ...

The Second Jay Marshall Era began … yesterday 11

Although he didn’t appear in the game, so maybe it hasn’t begun yet. Can we get a ruling on this? Anyway, today the A’s play the Orioles, who are bad but not quite as bad as the Royals, in Baltimore, where it is hot but not quite as hot as in KC. Gio vs. Guthrie. ...