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In the bag 170

1. Certain of success (e.g., in British Parliament, a petition to be discussed, put that in the bag by the Speaker, with certainty it will be worked on that day.) 2. Pre-arranged; fixed (e.g. “Bet to rent; it’s in the bag” 3. (Half): Drunk #1 of 3 vs the Yankees secured as Homer whoo hoo’ed ...

Games 121*-124*: A’s-Astros Fourplay 273

The A’s enter a tough homestand trailing the Astros by 9.5 games in the division and down by 2 games to Tampa Bay (and 3.5 games to Cleveland) in the wild card chase. While the A’s play 4 vs. the Astros, 3 vs. the Yankees and 2 vs. the Giants, the Rays schedule over the ...

Giants 119,* 120* at them 103

Bumgarner v Anderson Bailey v Beade In progress.

Games 113*-118* in the ivy-covered guaranteed rate burial ground 247

A full week in Chicago commences with three on the North Side. This would be a fun road trip but Chicago is on the pricey side and in a week I would put on 10 pounds just from the pizza. This series concludes the A’s NL Central games for the season. They are 9-4 and ...

On The Cards 70

St. Louis in town for just the two. They brought the baby blues for the occasion. Hudson vs. Fiers Wainwright vs. Roark