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Grilling some lame duck for a holiday feast 42

It’s about time to take the World Series off the top headline. I don’t know how much more baseball talk there will be on FK. College football is just about over for this season so those who aren’t interested won’t have to read many more of my complaints about Justin Wilcox and Cal. There’s the ...

2023 World Series: The Battle Along the Southern Border 188

It’s the Ted Cruzes vs. the Kyrsten Sinemas fighting it out for the right to raise that nice trophy. The Diamondbacks would be the classic example of “do what we have to do to get into the postseason and see if we can do something special once we get there”. I’ve been down on baseball ...

Post Season 203

Post, from the Latin Post, meaning behind or after. See also the Greek root Apo, meaning from or descent from. cf. The Oakland A’s season mercifully ended, a true Posterior of a season. The advance decay to the corpse of the Oakland A’s season prevented an insightful post-mortem. A relentless assault by A’s ownership upon ...

Trip #12, to the end of the road 87

The A’s get a trip to Minneapolis before closing out the season in Anaheim. The Twins have clinched the AL Central and are 5 games behind the Rangers for the #2 AL Division Champions slot (with its first-round bye) so realistically they don’t have anything to play for in this series. The Angels would probably ...

Home’s last stand 98

Ten more games for the home fans to see what Mister Fisher’s penury hath wrought.

Road trip #11, Southeast of Disorder 83

Three in Arlington vs. the sagging Rangers, then a trip down I-45 for three against the Astros. Those two opponents just played three against each other at Globe Life Field, with the Astros pummeling the Rangers by a total score of 39-10. The A’s would need to win four games of the six to stave ...

Sooner or LAA-TOR (Home 11) 48

A. Love is gonna getcha? B. A change is gonna come? C. They’re just going to deceive you?

Road No. Ten (Brian) Downing’s old team and Seattle 97

White sox in worse humidity than here Seattle should be nice. I think it’s bumbershoot weekend which is always gorgeous. Now I am wondering if Soakerville suffers from burning man overflow.

The Bo Derek homestand: Orioles and Royals 148

(starts whistling Ravel’s “Bolero”) Yeah, I can analyze whatever the A’s latest roster moves might be, or just close my eyes and think about Bo’s boobs. Hmmm. Two night games (Jerry Garcia Night tonight and 6:07 Saturday with a drone show) and a day game vs. the Orioles, then also two night and a day ...

A Visit to District Nine 57

Wherein the ugly, unloved, vaguely sketchy refugee Athletics are quarantined in hot sweaty unpleasant lands that no one else wants. Alex Jensen on radio pxp, up from the Stockton Ports for the trip. He’s good! "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."