47 Phonin 27

Day game after a long flight back from Tampa. CSNBA helpfully informs that Eric Sogard gets his 40th start of the year today. Sagh. 1. Billy Burns (S) CF 2. Marcus Semien (R) SS 3. Josh Reddick (L) RF 4. Stephen Vogt (L) C 5. Billy Butler (R) DH 6. Max Muncy (L) 3B 7. ...

46 you can call me ray you can call me a 91

burns semien Reddick Vogt butler muncy canha sogarg

45 rpm: Fun baseball, I Want You Back 26

Let’s hope the Jacksons’ postgame concert isn’t the highlight of the day at Tropicana Field. Kendall Graveman is here to pitch us out of the funk. He’s opposed by Nathan Karns. Burns CF, Semien SS, Reddick RF, Butler DH, Muncy 3B, Phegley C, Sogard 2B, Canha 1B, Fuld LF.

Game 44: FK Reggie Jackson 47

Just getting ready for next weekend when Reggie shows up in Yankee regalia. Game in progress 0 – 0 going to the bottom of the second. It isn't Dirty Dancing 'cuz it doesn't make you vomit.

Game 43: The team’s play makes us say ‘Eck” 67

Once again in progress. It is safe to say that we wont be comparing GT records this year. We are in TB, tomorrow Wash gets to start stroking the ego of Semien telling him every throw is amazing and he is a “gunning machine” or some such nonsense.

Grilled Hatred 67

Dear protesters on Market Street: shutting down the entire city’s bus service and downtown SF traffic isn’t a way to gain sympathy. I hate you. Dear A’s “defense”: shutting down ground balls WOULD BE a way to gain sympathy. I hate you. Dear A’s bullpen: You’re a lost cause. I hate you. Grrrrrrr.

Game 42: A’s Baseball Retchfest 123

Waitress, I’d like the Eggs Abad, with extra salmonella please. Jesse Hahn on the mound for the A’s, while Dallas Keuchel faces this lineup: Burns CF, Semien SS, Reddick RF, Butler DH, Lawrie 3B, Phegley C, Canha 1B, Gentry LF, Sogard 2B. Your dream team announcing combo of Vince, Glen and Ray calls all the ...

We join game 41 in progress 100

Coco stranded in the top of the first, Astros threatening in the bottom. Crisp, Semien, Reddick, Butler, Vogt, Muncy, Lawrie, Fuld, Sogard + Gray. If this is His will, He's a son of a bitch.

GoT Spoiler Zone 129

Spoilers are coming.

40 days and 40 nights (and 42 errors) 136

Joined in progress.   Nothing has gone particularly wrong yet. Look for wacchampions and thefamousralph three rows above the A’s dugout.