Homestretch Grill 66

Today is the last off day of the regular season. As we come out of the final turn and down the homestretch, the A’s are at least back on the track, if not in the lead. Slusser reports that they have tweaked their rotation a bit for the last 13 games to get the matchups ...

Game Whatever: No, Yesterday was NOT the game where we turn it around 141

But let’s win two in a row anyway… because… does it really matter?

Game: I said Albatross goddamnit! 301

I made one simple request and nobody listened. Yesterday’s loss is everyone’s fault but mine. I won’t let that happen again…if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. This is me hanging an albatross around the neck of King Felix and and rest of those slimy things. The Rime of the ...

Game 147: The Bear Went Over the Mountains 180

And ended up at Safeco.  Until a few hours ago, searching Twitter for “bear + Athletics” only yielded a bunch of tweets from people saying they couldn’t bear to watch another game.  But no longer.  RAWR! Susan SlusserVerified account ‏@susanslusser There is a bear costume sitting at a table in #Athletics clubhouse. (We aren’t allowed ...

The Lounge where it’s all gonna work out fine. 231

Sometimes you lounge, sometimes you don’t, sometimes it rains.

146 – octahedral FTW (spoiler: not) 179

Game 145: Athletics at White Sox 187

Most of the rain has moved out of the Windy City. The forecast calls for a cloudy night with a 50% chance of Punto. There’s a 0% chance of Jaso, who’s being sent back to Oakland after not passing his concussion tests. It’s been one full month, Aug. 10 thru Sept. 9, with back-to-back wins ...

Game! 144! We! Can! Do! This! 218

According to columnist Phil Rogers, “A’s are equipped to get out of rut“!  Of course, he does go on to say that we probably have no chance of winning the division, but still! Anything can happen! Especially because Little Nicky Punto is back! JUICE BOX JUICE BOX JUICE BOX!  And this is the free ...

game 143 = i love you* 205

* according to mr rogers. but he’s dead. go A’s! — crisp CF, fuld LF, donaldson 3B, dunn DH, norris C, reddick RF, lowrie SS, moss 1B, sogard 2B. gray v noisyes

Game, 1-for-2, Picturesque 221

And "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."