Game 85: Sam Fuld just hit a HR 18

A’s up 1-0 in the 3rd. Hound on Mound.

Game eighty-Fourth: Here comes the King 52

The A’s returned from Texas a week ago Friday on a roll, having won 9 of 11 to halve their deficit from 14 games under .500 to 7 under. A 10 game homestand seemed to present an opportunity to get back into legitimate postseason contention. But they’ve dropped 5 of 8 and need wins today ...

Game M83. Dead Lawrie, Green Phegley & Lost Vogt 48

Jesse worked out of a 1st and 3rd, one out jam in the top of the first. Now the A’s are getting something going themselves in the second half of that frame (update: rally killed by a Butler DP, of course). Lineup = Burns (CF), Vogt (1B), Zobrist (2B), Butler (DH), Phegley (C), Lawrie (3B), ...

Two pair, Billys over Joshes. Read ‘em and weep. 82. 74

Billy Stephen Ben Billy Josh Josh Brett Mark Marcus Scott "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

The Sad, Half-Empty Glass of Game 81 34

Burns, Vogt, Zobrist, Reddick, Butler, Davis, Lawrie, Sogard, Semien: Hahn vs a bunch of guys who I’ll never think of again after today Blackmon, LeMahieu, Arenado, CarGon, Rosario, Paulsen, Hundley, Descaiso, (Not-Michael)Ynoa: Bettis   Krazy George is at the game, so be prepared for STOP DOING THE WAVE

80 Grade Game Thread Tool 70

Game 79 Vulture Game Thread 30

A’s lead 4-0 on 2-run homers from Reddick and Davis. Oh, they’re playing the Rockies.

78 revolutions a minute. I want it now. 36

BaseRuns at an acceptable level? We say go stuff your acceptable level Burns sogard vogt zobrist reddick butler davis muncy fuld for Chuy She is honest and kind but in a way that people see, As telling lies and being mean

77: Royal Pain in the Ass 7

Just now, I think theirs is the better team. How godawful wretched is that? VOGT IS IN THE LINE-UP! Royals SS: Alcides Escobar 3B: Mike Moustakas CF: Lorenzo Cain 1B: Eric Hosmer DH: Kendrys Morales LF: Alex Gordon C: Salvador Perez RF: Alex Rios 2B: Omar Infante SP: Chris Young Athletics CF: Sam Fuld 3B: Brett Lawrie DH: Stephen Vogt LF: Ben Zobrist RF: Josh Reddick C: Josh Phegley 1B: Ike Davis ...

Spirit of 76 Royals at home 24

Sogard, lawrie, vogt, Zobrist, Reddick, butler, davis, semien, fuld Dammit Kendrys just hit a home run. I don’t like that guy.