LCS Thread 304

I am fine with any of the remaining teams winning the World Series except part of me wants the Cubs to never win the World Series again for some reason.

Division Series Game Thread 559

I’m predicting series wins by Toronto, Boston, Washington, and SF. In each case the opposite of my rooting intentions. Because postseason is nothing but one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no ...

Wild Card Game(s) Thread 108

Tonight it’s birds v birds, tomorrow night an old NY team v current NY team. I used to always root for the Orioles, but may have to pull for Toronto tonight. No halloween colors beyond these games, please.

Games 159-162: Last Train 135

The “A” Train is huffing and puffing and chugging to the finish line. Scheduled pitchers subject to change, especially if the Mariners are eliminated. The magic number to knock them out fell to 2 with the Orioles’ win tonight. Tonight at 7:10: Graveman Friday at 7:10: Alcantara (psst…Furd @ UDub right across town is pretty ...

Angels v A’s in Anaheim; Madsen’s guy v Sanity in NY 226

I don’t know what to say about either, but we can start here.

Texas in Town 78

Last we’ll see of the boys in Oakland until 2017.

Back home against the Astros 94

Cotton vs. Brad Peacock Manaea vs. Joe Musgrove (who?) Mengden vs. Collin McHugh

Fin de Saison 38

Sunday Sept 25. Another home season in the books. It feels, somehow, well…inconsequential. The power of low expectations. Brunch on asphalt in The Melancholiest Spot on Earth™. I’ll be there by 10, flaming grill and stove to follow. The usual spot. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get ...

Texas, Y’all (147-149) 64

May as well keep winning. It’s fun.

Games 143-146: Just when we need them, the A’s are in town 227

For the second straight series the A’s face a team needing a series sweep to keep their faint AL Wild Card hopes alive. The last time the A’s visited The K there were a lot of fireworks between Brett Lawrie and the home squad. I sense a bit more lethargy this time. Showers and thunderstorms ...