Bitter NLWC Game Thread: LET’S GO, PIRATES! 25

I have been trying to work all day, and totally unable to focus. Consequently, I’m still working (ish), planning to cook dinner soon, then resume working (ish), and watching (ish) the game. I expected the A’s to miss the postseason altogether. As of yesterday morning, I expected them to lose the game last night. As ...

Looking forward because I sure as hell don’t want to look back 72

As much as last night sucked, I don’t even know how you fix this roster for 2015. There’s obvious talent there. But enough? I’m not sure. We have about 10 million to spend this offseason (assuming we have similar payroll in 2015 to 2014). SP Gray Shark Kazmir Pomeranz Chavez In an ideal world, you ...

10/01/14 Postmortem Lounge 104

The other thread was full. Kill yourselves here. Or party down. Whatevs.

Win 1 of 12- We eat the Royals 759

It’s a dirty job putting up a gamethread for a game like this, but somebody’s got to do it. Fuck’em and break’em.  The Royals are a herd of WalMart greeters as far as I’m concerned. My prediction:  A’s 3, Royals 1.  

Pre-Post Season Grill 211

I hope the A’s are resting and relaxing on this day off before the playoffs, because I sure can’t. So excited. Clean slate…win a game, then play some more games and win most of those. The heights of June mean exactly as much as the depths of August, which is to say, not much. Grill ...

The Lounge where there’s only one thing left to do… 286


Game Gimme the damn ball 258

We know our A’s will play one more game at least. Melvin seems to have woken up. Crisp Dunn Donaldson Moss reddick lowrie Vogt Soto Sogard. FOr sonny gray. Holland still out. Nick martinez pitching. Thanks and Go A’s.

Game 161: The One Where We [Redact] Somethingorother 355

No Holland, mostly lefties, lots of runs and a laugher please.

Game 1GO – A’s vs. Rangers 240

The first spring training game was 7 months ago today, a 10-5 win over the Giants at Scottsdale Stadium with a couple great plays in right field by Josh Reddick. Everything between then and now has been prelude, and tonight it’s time to get serious and GO. These gentlemen have received their assignments: Crisp 8, ...

Game 15-something: The Home Games Are Over, But The Maladies Linger On 267

Joined in progress.  Two A’s left on base in the top of the first when the Hipster grounded out.