Game 27: Mariners (again) 45

The Grave Man faces off against the ironborn. And yes, the Mariners are indeed as tedious as the Greyjoys. I drink ... and I know things.

Game 25: The wrath of Hahn, and Game 26: Mayday 67

Jesse Hahn rejoins the A’s rotation in place of Chris Bassitt, who has a partially torn UCL and may be headed for surgery. Phegley in for Vogt for the day game following a night game. Some rookie on the mound for the Lastros. Game 26 – looking for some hot Hill-on-hill action.

Friday Night Fights 4.24: Manaea is Samoan for Dreamy 89

Eyes as deep as the Mariana Trench. An impish smile. Eyelashes like fairy wings. Lustrous locks of the SamoFro dangling like shiny Christmas ornaments in late April, a gift to us, because we’ve been good. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Game 22-23 (losses already in progress) 110

We are down 4-0 to Verlander, and we are counting on Butler for our hitting.

Game 21: The Bird is Back in Detroit 80

Unfortunately, it isn’t this one. RIP. It’s a battle of journeymen at chilly Comerica Park tonight, Rich Hill vs. Mike Pelfrey. Burns CF, Coghlan 3B, Reddick RF, Lowrie 2B, Vogt C, Crisp DH, Davis LF, Alonso 1B, Semien SS.

Game 20 Detroit the first 38

Zimmerman hasn’t given up a run in 21 innings. Graveman hasn’t given up a run in one batter. no butler, davis DH I have $5. No I don\'t.

Game of Threads: Spoilers are Coming. 71

Game of Threads:  Spoilers are Coming.
In advance of the Season 6 premier tonight I thought I’d start a spoiler zone. I hope Ghost eats Alliser Thorne’s face off.

19: Nineteen 46

Surkamp vs. Hutchison

Friday Night Fights 3.17, 18: Dig if you will the pitcher 127

Sonny Gray pitches tonight, and it’s about fuckin time.  I don’t know why Bob doesn’t start this guy every other day.  It’s not like Sur Hillkampman the Hound is a better choice for anything but a Game of Thrones character name (and really, “Sonny Gray” works OK there too).  The true greats like Mathewson and ...

Game 16: Let’s Go Crazy 93

The Green, Gold and Purple look for the series sweep at Yankee Stadium. Coco is in the starting lineup; he seems like one who would try to get a little purple into the uniform mix. The A’s get their first look at the latest Highly Touted Yankees Pitching Prospect, righthander Luis Severino. Mark Canha finds ...