Game 101: I Know What Will Cheer You Up 189

This: All bunts, all night, boys. Let’s go.

Not One Iota Grill 48

Not One Iota Grill
It’s been a week of ups and downs. On the plus side, the longest term resident at BACS just got adopted.  She has maybe my favorite ears ever. Then again, this guy is an asshole.  And the people are blowing up his Yelp page.  Keep deleting, Yelp.  If you put in some overtime you just ...

100 sports color schemes, ranked 28

1. Green and Gold 2. Silver and Black 3. Carolina Blue … 100. Orange and Black Burns, CF (speedy!) Vogt, C (amusing!) Zobrist, LF (versatile!) Reddick, RF (cannon!) Davis, 1B (glove-y!) Lawrie, 3B (incomprehensible!) Sogard, 2B (nerdy!) Semien, SS (sagh!) Graveman, P (useful!) At the flea market of late July we put our wares on ...

Game 99 its like we’ve already lost 5

Quality tease, though. Zobrist had a good game She is honest and kind but in a way that people see, As telling lies and being mean

Game 98: The Gnats, FK ‘em 57

Burns – CF IBISV – C Zobrist – 2B (unless he gets traded before 7:00) Butler – 1B Wait, what? Schlong – RF Not Donaldson – 3B Sogard – SS Fuld – LF JCS – P Is Melvin trying to lose this game? It isn't Dirty Dancing 'cuz it doesn't make you vomit.

Game 97: Meanwhile, back at the Coliseum 36

Joined in progress, or maybe regress, with Pomeranz pitching in place of the dear departed and down 2-0 in the second.

A’s Trade Kazmir for two mediocre prospects 194

What am I missing? This seems like an entirely light return for a very good, cost effective starter without a long contract that would hurt your team. The return Jacob Nottingham Daniel Mengden Honestly the only thing that I can think of thats great about this deal is calling Nottingham the Sheriff when he cuts ...

96: Also an over-rated position 67

Sonny Gray ascends the hill. Burns Vogt Zobrist Butler Smolinski Lawrie Phegley Canha and Semien man the spots behind him. Not Butler, of course. He may just be stuck on the grass from his pregame stretches. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no ...

Game 95: Are the 2015 A’s better than you think? 38

That oft-cited “record since May 22″ stands at 29-21. If they continue at that pace…they’ll be 72-72 on September 14. You don’t get to postseason from 72-72. BP puts their postseason probability at 2.3% for the division and 5.1% for a wild card spot. So the answer is Probably Not, but Billy has nine more ...

Game 94: The Ball is Carrying 35

On a warm day, the A’s are teeing off against Tomaso Milone. HRs by Phegley, Butler, and Smolinski already. On the other side, Jesse Chavez looking good so far.