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72-74: There’s no place like road? 38

The Athletics take their sparking 15-20 road record to Kansas City. Fri, 5:10 PDT: Greinke vs. Irvin Sat 1:10 PDT: Keller vs. Koenig Sun 11:10 PDT: Singer vs. Kaprielian

Fun Differential 69-71 68

It’s too damn hot everywhere except the A’s bat rack. I have $5. No I don\'t.

Royalsgate, 66-68 97

Sure, the A’s are rightly marking 2022 as the 50th anniversary of their most iconic squad, the 1972 Mustache Gang, the Hairs to Cincinnati’s Squares, the first World Title ever brought to Oakland. But today is another 50 year anniversary. In the wee morning hours of June 17, 1972, a young black security guard named ...

63-64-65 More than a feeling 68

Sixty three was the stinker we all expected. Sixty Four is Kaprielian v Wincowski. I don’t know who that is. But I am sure he is great and his 12.00 ERA is not reflective of his prospect status. I am also happy to not have to hear over and over about Mr Kaprielian was at ...

59-62 Looking for a Ray of hope 113

The 2022 Ray Fosse Memorial Series continues and concludes with four games in beautiful downtown Cleveland’s Progressive Field. The Indi Guardians swept three at the Coliseum at the end of April, so the A’s must reciprocate with a sweep of their own to take home the Fosse Cup, which is of course one of Ray’s ...

ATLATL 57-58 51

The plan if things go bad is to equip the bullpen with these babies instead of baseballs. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

54-56 reasons Boston is the worst 105

1. Fans whine when they’re winning 2. Fans whine when they’re losing 3. Buncha racist shitbags 4. Charles River is gross 5. Weather is horrible 6. Worst drivers anywhere 7. Fenway is actually a terrible place to watch a ballgame 8. Or to play one 9. Accent is grating 10. Idiom is wicked stupid 11. ...

51-53 The Mismatch 111

Blackburn v Valdez The last of Frankie? v Javier Irvin v Verlander Hopefully the astros will think so little of this series they won’t show up. Because on paper…eesh

You can throw away the records, 47-50 124

The bad Texas Rangers visit the bad Oakland Athletics for four, as our brief warm spell has given way to the marine layer. We saw Texas just last month, they took two of three in what has since beome the A’s signature series: blowout loss, narrow loss, narrow win. Jokes on them though, this is ...

Games 44-46 SEAsick 164

It’s a battle for the AL West cellar as the 17-25 Mariners host your 17-26 Athletics in a three-game series. The M’s started the season 11-6 but are a brutal 6-19 since then, coming home now off a four-game sweep by the Red Sox. Their offense has been meh, not helped by Mitch Haniger being ...