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Down at the Angela Sun-set Grill 75

Many of these remaining free agents dominoes should fall in the next couple weeks, and I’m sure Jed Lowrie is checking his text messages many times a day to see if he’s still an Oakland Athletic. Kendall Graveman is the remaining arb-eligible Athletic who hasn’t settled. I think they can work this one out. kendall ...

Happy New Grill 302

This Jeff Pearlman anti-Bonds screed in The Athletic is a little nutso. There aren’t enough ways to argue against Bonds’ enshrinement without first wrapping your white self in Hank Aaron’s struggle? And, just, this writing… This is what it was to be a black man in America. This is what it was to be a ...

Winter Meetings Grill 266

The Winter Meetings start today. Beane and Forst are still hunting outfielders. Slusser posits that Lowrie is the A’s most likely trade chip. Eno Sarris thinks the A’s should sign Jay Bruce, who he says is not Billy Butler. In stadium non-news, Matier and Ross have Dave Kaval blowing off Scott McKibben regarding restarting Coliseum ...

December Grill: In Like Flynn 260

The stove ain’t the only thing that’s hot. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Redesign the Delivery of Baseball Grill 297

The A’s have hired a team of four (4) architecture/urban planning firms to design the new ballpark and its environs: HOK (duh) Snøhetta Sasaki Studio T Square It sounds like Sasaki and Studio T Square (an Oakland firm) will be handling how the park fits into the area, HOK will be on the ballpark design ...

November post season Grill 283

season is over, Yay for Josh. Fuck you tyler and Luke. But josh, just…no. Can’t take photos in the clubhouse but rest assured Reddick has the Stars and Stripes Speedo on again and it’s still a little disturbing. — Alyson Footer (@alysonfooter) November 2, 2017 First order of business, Justin upton signs extension with the ...

World Series (North America version) Game Thread 253

Be prepared to see “he who shall not be named” fist pumping around the bases played all the time. Unlike some of you, I haven’t decided on a rooting interest. On the one hand, 1988, but LA winning would sure piss off a lot of Giants fans. Plus, CA. On the other hand, I usually ...

Playoffs Game Thread #2 225

The LCSeses, or whatever The last thread was getting slow and for some reason it keeps wanting to run flash on my computer.

Playoffs Game Thread #1 384

No A’s blah but still baseball yay.

Its over now 139

rangers got last.