Front Row Seats 2016 14

As far as I can tell, the price is unchanged from last year ($98 for the two seats and VIP parking; $88 on Free Parking days). Usual drill: post your requests in the comments and I’ll collate them here.

2016 ZiPS – Tune in every 5 days for Sonny, I guess? 191

1. It’s not pretty. 2. Not sure if this has been discussed already but MLB.TV is offering single team packages for the upcoming season. Grill/link/lounge away

BlogFest ’16 is happening and you can be there, FKer! 3

As FK’s representative at BlogFest ’13 at FanFest ’13, I am on the email list about BlogFest. I just got this email yesterday.  Apparently they’re really last-minute about getting it together this year. Hopefully one of you FKers will go.  If not, I might be willing to do it again and do a write-up.   ...

Fresh Lounge/Grill! 393

Enjoy! Don’t be scared!

New Year Grill/Lounge/Whatever 422

Tomsula out. Way to set a nice guy up for a fall, assholes. Assholes. We’ll see if these guys decide to commit suicide by federal agent, and see if the government manages to creates some new Ruby Ridge-like martyrs. Stability in the Middle-East – eh, who needs it. The Saudis are at fault for executing ...

R.I.P. Dave Henderson 14

He’s important enough to get a post of his own here, I say. This was reported within the past hour by Bob Nightengale on Twitter: Dave Henderson, the gregarious man known as Hendu, died Sunday, one month after getting a kidney transplant. He will be tremendously missed. Dave Henderson, who had a kidney disease and ...

Post-Winter(ish) Meetings Grill-like Substance 297

Isn’t it kind of messed up that the “Winter Meetings” happen in late autumn? Also, everyone uses words wrong nowadays all the time and you’re not allowed to correct them on it or you are a mansplainer or a purveyor of “well, actuallys.” Anyhoo, here’s a new place to discuss the Oakland A’s underwhelming roster ...

Grill and/or Lounge: November came and went… 401

Here, use this new thread.

Return of the Mark Grill 276

Out with the old grill, in with the new. Mr. Jamie Kotsay is back, y’all, to coach the bench with the hustle, grit, and bad back we all loved so much. I have no other baseball to report, but let’s talk soccer!! Big World Cup qualifier tonight between Brazil and Messiless Argentina. Could Brazil miss ...

The 2015 World Series, or, How Yoenis Céspedes Became One Hella Rich Cuban 132

Since Céspedes participated in his first Home Run Derby in 2013 it’s been obvious that he loves the bright lights. Well, here’s his chance under the brightest. Keep Bob Geren from whispering too many of his brilliant ideas in Terry Collins’ ear and the Amazins would seem to have a pretty good chance of bringing ...