FKing Season Tickets have arrived! 176

Outstanding business from the last post: Need Brian’s payment for one game ($91) (Assuming this is not coming, converting to NM ticket) New business (the tickets we are starting with). As always, there is nothing special about these tickets except that I can give them to you in paper format and they are currently reserved. ...

Game 126: Wish I Were There 149

So, So I think I can tell Blevins from Belle No score after one inning. Crisp (DH), Jaso, Vogt, Moss, Reddick, Callaspo, Fuld, Parrino, Sogard. Samardzija. I did a fuld parrino sogard in high school but I don’t think I’m limber enough to do one now. "Kraut will get you through times of no money ...

The Happy Ending* Lounge 70

Can’t sleep. 6 hour naps do that to ya. Lounge. *Happy ending is not guaranteed, Mike.

Game 125: Negative waves 182

The A’s are a beautiful team, baby. CF: Coco Crisp, DH: John Jaso, 3B: Josh Donaldson, LF: Brandon Moss, 1B: Stephen Vogt, C: Derek Norris, RF: Josh Reddick, 2B: Alberto Callaspo, SS: Eric Sogard SP: Scott Kazmir

La Grillencia 162

Nice words from Cespedes. Hopefully the A’s can give him his wish, at least as far as this postseason goes. No way of knowing if there was ever a realistic possibility of keeping him long-term, but his sentiment is still nice and he had nothing but good things to say about being here. That’s business, ...

Game 124: Oh Atlanta, got to win one from you 281

It would be a nice little feat for the A’s to fly back across the country in sole possession of first place. It’s up to Jon Lester to deliver all two wins on this rather unpleasant road trip. He’s opposed by LHP Mike Minor, who’s been hit pretty hard this year. Crisp CF, Gomes LF, ...

It’s easy as game 1-2-3 212

Gray really is gray tonight. At least the A’s have the pantlegs up. No excuse for the Braves not to do the same if they’re going to be wearing throwbacks. At least the A’s might be with their normal batting helmets out of necessity since they’re on the road, but c’mon Braves.

GT 122: Because I had to 124

This game is on MLBN, but I’m blacked out for some reason.

One-Two-One: Minimum Infielder, Moderate Catcher, Maximum Shark 137

A’s looking to salvage a four game road split against a tough KC Royals squad. The A’s medical staff has prescribed the Ronnie Lott treatment for Jed Lowrie’s finger, which will then be diced up and used to chum the waters…this is Shark Week after all Crisp (DH), Jaso (2), Donaldson (5), Moss (7), Vogt ...

Game 120: Still in KC 84

Already in progress

Game 119: Badfinger 147

Maximum catcher, minimum infielder: Fuld (8), Jaso (DH), Donaldson (5), Moss (7), Norris (2), Vogt (3), Reddick (9), Callaspo (4), Sogard (6). Lester (1). "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."