The World Series Game Thread 74

Here’s a place to talk World Series baseball here on Free Kraut. Depending on the interest level this one game thread might be enough for the entire Fall Classic. Your match up is the Kansas City Royals vs the San Francisco Giants. Play Ball!

The Lounge where frankly, my dear World Series, we don’t give a damn. 145

It’s a new week. Here’s a new lounge.

The Lounge where plenty of good seats are still available. 407

Confucius says in the game of life it is better to play chess than checkers…he also said something about light beer not being real beer and that we needed a new lounge.

Life’s Cold Shoulder 275

On to the LCS. A blue team, a red team, and two ghastly orange and black teams. Go Blue and Red. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Unghost-townification grill-lounge 211

Because we were making Jennifer sad… Here is a cover tune that got me playing all my Neil Young records last weekend. But this version has unbeatable crowd reactions. I escaped from the requirement to go to the South Pole (a.k.a. ice prison) this year. But the downside is that I won’t be stopping through ...

Bitter NLWC Game Thread: LET’S GO, PIRATES! 213

I have been trying to work all day, and totally unable to focus. Consequently, I’m still working (ish), planning to cook dinner soon, then resume working (ish), and watching (ish) the game. I expected the A’s to miss the postseason altogether. As of yesterday morning, I expected them to lose the game last night. As ...

Looking forward because I sure as hell don’t want to look back 282

As much as last night sucked, I don’t even know how you fix this roster for 2015. There’s obvious talent there. But enough? I’m not sure. We have about 10 million to spend this offseason (assuming we have similar payroll in 2015 to 2014). SP Gray Shark Kazmir Pomeranz Chavez In an ideal world, you ...

10/01/14 Postmortem Lounge 169

The other thread was full. Kill yourselves here. Or party down. Whatevs.

Win 1 of 12- We eat the Royals 780

It’s a dirty job putting up a gamethread for a game like this, but somebody’s got to do it. Fuck’em and break’em.  The Royals are a herd of WalMart greeters as far as I’m concerned. My prediction:  A’s 3, Royals 1.  

Pre-Post Season Grill 220

I hope the A’s are resting and relaxing on this day off before the playoffs, because I sure can’t. So excited. Clean slate…win a game, then play some more games and win most of those. The heights of June mean exactly as much as the depths of August, which is to say, not much. Grill ...