Grill and/or Lounge: November came and went… 125

Here, use this new thread.

Return of the Mark Grill 274

Out with the old grill, in with the new. Mr. Jamie Kotsay is back, y’all, to coach the bench with the hustle, grit, and bad back we all loved so much. I have no other baseball to report, but let’s talk soccer!! Big World Cup qualifier tonight between Brazil and Messiless Argentina. Could Brazil miss ...

The 2015 World Series, or, How Yoenis Céspedes Became One Hella Rich Cuban 132

Since Céspedes participated in his first Home Run Derby in 2013 it’s been obvious that he loves the bright lights. Well, here’s his chance under the brightest. Keep Bob Geren from whispering too many of his brilliant ideas in Terry Collins’ ear and the Amazins would seem to have a pretty good chance of bringing ...

Friday Grill or lounge or whatever 283

Come for the Russian spam, stay for the betting tips. Since this is still nominally an A’s blog, it’s worth mentioning that Pat Venditte was lost on waivers the other day. While I was not as gaga as some of you about him, there are still about six relievers on the roster who were worse, ...

Epic baseball day – New Divisional Series thread 321

Yeah, considering that I just deleted four new robo-posts, maybe we should use one of our own for the rest of the divisional series. There are four, count ‘em, four games on tap today: Rangers at Blue Jays, 9:45 am Astros at Royals, 12:45 pm Cubs at Cardinals, 3:45 pm Mets at Dodgers, 6:45 pm ...

Japan’s humanities cut sends shivers along academic spines – in other words, the Divisional Series thread 45

Edit by doctorK: FK you, robo spammers. 2nd edit by doctorK: What the heck – let’s use this for the ALDS/NLDS games. Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

The Lounge Where Life Is But A Dream 189

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Oakland A’s are no longer playing baseball on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure that means the off-season is upon us. So…pull up a chair and lounge away until pitchers and catchers report in 659 days*   *Editors Note – Time Approximate

Wild Game Card Thread 60

I’m sure some of us will be paying attention, so we might as well start with a clean thread. Yankees PA blaring the imperial storm troopers theme while announcing the Astros is pretty lame – do they do that every game?

Games 160 – 162: Not with a bang but a whimper 138

This is the way the season ends. A’s send guys named Brooks Nolin and Bassitt to the mound, facing a Seattle team no less out of the hunt but at least throwing pitchers they’d heard of back in April.  Both teams watching from afar a theoretically exciting wild card playoff chase from which they were ...

Grill at Will 165

I do believe we need a new grill on this last off day of the Worst. Season. Ever. I’m kind of short of links, though. Could you all fill them in? I’ll be in my office.