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Games 14-16: Christ, what an * 216

Houston comes in for a series that could be important for playoff seeding. Fri: Bassitt vs. Greinke Sat: Montas vs. Framber Valdez Sun: Luzardo vs. Cristian Javier The A’s have the 3 starters I would want out there. Brave truth-teller Mike Fiers misses his old team this time around. I haven’t heard of two of ...

Games 11-13: Feel Like a Ranger 285

I can’t stop wondering Just what you got Get the feeling I’m gonna find out real soon … Well you know it’s gonna get stranger So let’s get on with the show The night games start early, Ed. Tonight at 6:10: Luzardo !!! vs. Lance Lynn Wednesday at 6:10: Manaea vs. Kyle Gibson Thursday at ...

Games 7, 8, 9 and (?) 10 vs. the Mariners: Don’t give me a sinking feeling 319

The first road trip for the A’s takes them to Seattle on Seafair Weekend. Well it would be. You can enjoy the Boeing Air Show at Home with your very own U.S. Navy Blue Angels paper airplanes. The roof will be open because the weather will be gorgeous as you would expect in Seattle at ...

The going gets Rockies 187

Hey, we made it to a second series, somehow. The Colorado Rockies make their first visit since [fill in search result] for a quick two-gamer, first facing Daniel “Sex Wax” Mengden and his arsenal of duplicity. Joke’s on you, [name of Rockies player I know]! Wednesday’s game is an afternoon Bluetooth special, and might be ...

It’s just like getting a new season at the deadline 429

Against all odds (or logic) the MLB season is starting in approximately 6 hours. Still things to work out: – Where tf are the Blue Jays going to play (Camden seems like the preferred option at this point) – 10 -> 16 playoff teams? A’s roster is set: The Oakland A’s reinstated RHP Daniel Mengden ...

Summer Cramp Grill 261

A mere fortnight of “Camp Coliseum” is all that remains before the alleged start of the “season.” Whether Krusty shows up or not, we can still have a good time here grilling.

Long Day’s Journey Into Nought 292

The days are already getting shorter again, and baseball seems as long ago and as far away as it has ever been. Ah well, the past is the present, isn’t it? It’s the future too. So let’s keep grilling.

Is There A Draft In here? 87

Today is draft day, which means it’s time for my annual FKing cameo. With so little baseball and so much going on in the world, other than shitty behaviour by owners, the draft is about all the baseball we have to talk about. MLB has cut the draft to just 5 rounds and teams will ...

June Thread Mojo 243

That May thread was clearly cursed. Let’s try a new one. Six civil rights and democracy runs please.

The Musty Month of May 390

Time to throw open the windows for a bit and let some air circulate. The smell of humans hunkering down without sports is getting oppressive.