FKing Season Tickets have arrived! 104

Outstanding business from the last post: Need Brian’s payment for one game ($91) (Assuming this is not coming, converting to NM ticket) New business (the tickets we are starting with). As always, there is nothing special about these tickets except that I can give them to you in paper format and they are currently reserved. ...

Game #104: Love the ones you’re with 160

Personally, I don’t think we’re going to get the kind of upgrade at 2nd that folks are longing for. It seems to me the need is so well perceived that any potential trade partners are going to insist that we overpay, and Billy isn’t going to bite. BoMel has said that he is happy with ...

The Game Thread Where It May Be Hot But At Least It’s Muggy. 210

Game #103…Be there or be square.

game 102 — feels more like 90º though 210

at my desk anyway. with the fan pointed at my toes. in texas it’s 98º, wind south at 10mph. 102º on sunday. they can’t time things right can they? to the lineup! DH Jaso, SS Lowrie, CF Cespedes, LF Moss, 3B Donaldson, 1B Vogt, C Norris, RF Reddick, 2B Sogard. hammel v williams.

Game 101: We just lost our Johnson 332

I can’t get the Twitter to embed, someone else post lineups.

The Game Thread Where Baseball Happens 544

A’s vs Astros…Let’s Get It On!

The TX GTs 273

A’s-Astros Perfect weather and I have a plate of tacos. Life is good. Thread away. Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

The New Lease Lounge 272

Sprawly lounge-type stuff. Let’s see if Alameda County says yes or not.

The Grill until the next one 340

The last grill dropped off the recent posts lists so I’m rekindling it. George Harrison Memorial Tree killed by beetles. Really, I can’t top that. Unless it’s with a Venn Piegram. That’s all I got. Grill joyously until the next one. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get ...

Game 98: FKing NRAF Day 426

A game thread for those of us who aren’t at the FK suite day. Coco, Jaso, Ces, Moss, Donaldson, Vogt, Lowrie, Gentry, Sogard (getting one last chance to stick before Reddick comes back on Tues) vs Markakis, Pearce, Jones, Cruz, Davis, Hardy, Machado, Flaherty, Joseph SP: Gray vs Gausman

game 97 — WTF, google? 289

i didn’t want to go with something as obvious as high octane. but i didn’t really have anything else either. so what i did was just google 97. i don’t know if it was contextual crap or whatever, but the second hit, staring me straight in the face, only under the wikipedia entry on the ...