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Hot Holiday Weekend Ahead – we need a New Grill 253

We’ve been woefully lacking in KOTDs of late. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be this type of fan. DFWAS I drove through the central valley last weekend. Not saying this is going to happen here, but damn are they pissed off through there. It’s nice to have Taibbi back at Rolling Stone. ...

We used to grill links around here 263

PTBNL Bait: Fast Sour Beer. Grilling link: Fish Tacos! DFWAS: Donald. Trump. DFWAS: Clinton Rules.

The Lounge Where The Kraut Is Still Free 441

Hey there, hi there, ho there. This is what all the cool kids in class like to call a lounge. What you do in one  of these lounges is post written words and or sentences on the internet for others to read. I think it has a future…unlike me. Lounge em’ if you got em’

Not One Iota Grill 154

Not One Iota Grill
It’s been a week of ups and downs. On the plus side, the longest term resident at BACS just got adopted.  She has maybe my favorite ears ever. Then again, this guy is an asshole.  And the people are blowing up his Yelp page.  Keep deleting, Yelp.  If you put in some overtime you just ...

The Life Changing Magic of a New Grill 396

I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks practicing The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  One of my big goals after selling my business was to get my house organized.  After seeing the book on the bestseller list for months, I checked it out and I’ll admit, I’m a full convert to her method.  It ...

Over The Rainbow Lounge and Grill 287

My artfully constructed audio montage of 11 years of marriage equality legal battles made Kate Kendall choke up in the studio, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. For the price of a 2 BR condo in Daly City, you can get one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old pads in Saint Paul. ...

6/11/15 Lounge 249

Day game. NBA game tonight. Fresh posting spot.

Hot, Drafty Grill 291

  Just in case anyone cares any more.  So far the first three picks are shortstops — leave some for the rest of us, will ya?

Probably not the final grill, but a Finals Grill 167

Seeing as how the Grill is quite buried and the W’s are playing for a title, I figured we could kill 2 birds and get a new place to yak up.

Grilled Hatred 164

Dear protesters on Market Street: shutting down the entire city’s bus service and downtown SF traffic isn’t a way to gain sympathy. I hate you. Dear A’s “defense”: shutting down ground balls WOULD BE a way to gain sympathy. I hate you. Dear A’s bullpen: You’re a lost cause. I hate you. Grrrrrrr.