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Labor of Love 177

Except for the Scioscia/Angels part, I hate those guys. Monday brings us Parker Bridwell (sounds like Exeter, actually Hereford) vs Chris “Nondescript” Smith. Tuesday is the Lost Season Bowl of Garrett Richards vs Kendall Graveman. Wednesday matinee of Skaggs v Manaea. Two of three in the daylight presumably favors the less undead Oaklanders. "Kraut will ...

A’s Start September in Seattle 66

Expanded rosters bring us Barreto, Phegley, Smolinski, and Sam Moll. Leake/Manaea Gallardo/Cotton Albers/Gossett

A’s End August in Anaheim 170

Since when does Mulder do road trips?

Games 128-130: Harvey, Eck, Little League 103

First of all I’d like to salute Harvey, whose name will be invoked many times this weekend. View post on He’s hanging with Emmett Ashford there, the first African-American umpire in the major leagues (1966-1970). It’s “Players’ Weekend”, or “Dreadful Little League Uniforms Weekend”. I’ll try to withstand the visual assault tonight but probably ...

Somehow somewhere someone is unsurprised the A’s are still playing 213

This came as a surprise for some reason. In Houston, turns out. Down 2-0 to a sharp-looking Keuchel, bottom 4th. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

KC for Three 179

Aureoles in Oakland 172

Rajai already owes us a run.

Games 113-114: The long-awaited and much-anticipated return of Yonder Alonso 87

Just a one-night quickie for the A’s and Mariners. Matt Joyce returns to the lineup tonight. Yonder bats in the #2 slot for the Mariners. Tonight at 7:05: Ariel Miranda vs. Kendall Graveman. Tomorrow at 12:35: Yovani Gallardo vs. Jharel Cotton (Mariners telecast/MLB Network).

We join the A’s and Angels in progress 132

I am not paying attention ether. love ed

A’s vs. Some Terrible Team 145

FK the Giants