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Rimes with Schmalbatross 265

The Mariners managed to briefly shuck the cursed bird with an out-of-nowhere sweep of Houston but are still the squad that watched our green and gold lads blast past them ‘oer the last month. Gonzales vs Manaea Paxton vs Fiers Leake vs Anderson "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money ...

Angels 116-118 87

Troutless Anderson v Pena Jackson v Skaggs Cahill v TBA Astros and seattle playing each other today tied in 8th to start our game Leblanc v Morton TBA v Keuchel on sunday

Games 114 and 115: FIGHT! for California 146

The only two California major league teams with winning records entering today square off at the Coliseum in the final two games before football destroys our pristine field. Actually it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a third team to join them, temporarily, this afternoon. It’s It would have been Southpaws Galore if the A’s ...

Coors: You’re Soaking In It 94

Settle in for great third base play, a lot of runs, and a couple of teams that are in the thick of it.

Games 101°F – 104°F: You sure can drink a lot of beer underneath that Texas sun 262

This was the Arlington trip I should have taken. I bet I could dump 8 or 9 of these pounds I could stand to lose over the four days. My prediction of a Brett Anderson DFA after last week’s game in San Francisco failed to materialize, so Brett survives to throw slop for at least ...

Looking Down on Giants from the Mountaintop 255

Don’t forget to pack an oxygen tank for the summit. Let me know what the pennant race looks like from way up there. Rodriguez vs. Jackson Bumgarner vs. Cahill Cueto vs. Manaea

Hey now…FK it, that’s been done 86

Even with all the overblown bs surrounding the All Star Game, I still love the showcase of the best MLB players, and still root hard for the American League as I always have. Your lineups: American League Mookie Betts (Red Sox) – RF Jose Altuve (Astros) – 2B Mike Trout (Angels) – CF J.D. Martinez ...

Mad Men, Across the Water! 149

Your Oakland Athletics cunningly weave their way through Bay Bridge traffic to battle Orange and Black Death in Baghdad by the Bay, in the first three of six consecutive games vs. the loathsome foe. Friday at 7:15: Jackson vs. Bumgarner Saturday at 7:05: Anderson vs. Samardzija Sunday at 1:05: Manaea vs. Suarez Casilla and Hatcher ...

Judgement Nights 233

I try to avoid hyperbole, but these next four games in Houston are the most important in the history of sports. At 1-8 on the season series thus far the A’s have failed worse than Napoleon in Russia (take note, Les Bleus).  Anything worse than a split here would be a crash of Hindenburgian proportions. ...

Perdoname padre, tenemos que ganar 85

Welcome back matt chapman. Bassitt v Clayton richard Manaea v Perdomo Ugly uniforms abound!