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148-150: Where to Now? St. Peter(sburg). 250

Last chance for the Rays to make things interesting. Who the hell knows who is pitching when with these teams.

Games 145-147: A’s vs. Florence 111

Yes, the A’s will play a major league team at Camden Yards this week but the main opponent looks like the weather. Florence is supposed to track into the Carolinas, where several events later this week have already been cancelled including the football game between the FSUs and the Vinces in Chapel Hill, but Baltimore ...

Ya don’t get lard less’n you boil a hog! 149

John Wayne as Davy Crockett, before things went south. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Games 139-141: Damn Yankees 281

New York comes to town for a showdown of the current AL wild card teams. M: Cahill vs. Sabathia T: Montas, Bassitt, and/or a cast of thousands vs. Happ W: Fiers vs. Severino

Games 135-138: A tale of a fateful trip 196

The Mariners come crashing ashore in Oakland, the third city on their road trip, having dropped three straight, the last two to the woeful Padres. They are 4-7 since they left Oakland a couple weeks ago, while the A’s have gone 8-5 in that time. The team is worried and looking a bit glum. View ...

There are some important games or something 242

Anderson v cole Jackson v Morton Cahill v Keuchel in the morning. This is a big series. Ken even said so.

Minnesota Bats 229

For the first time in more than a year, it’s the Twins. Four games. Let’s go.

Games 125-127: Bye Bye Beltre? 121

Beltre is out of the lineup tonight with a hamstring issue, and his comments today suggest he’s leaning toward hanging ’em up. The Rangers do still have one more series in Oakland after this one. Adrian Beltre said he will wait until after the season to make a decision for next year…. Wants to make ...

Rimes with Schmalbatross 265

The Mariners managed to briefly shuck the cursed bird with an out-of-nowhere sweep of Houston but are still the squad that watched our green and gold lads blast past them ‘oer the last month. Gonzales vs Manaea Paxton vs Fiers Leake vs Anderson "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money ...

Angels 116-118 87

Troutless Anderson v Pena Jackson v Skaggs Cahill v TBA Astros and seattle playing each other today tied in 8th to start our game Leblanc v Morton TBA v Keuchel on sunday