Wednesday Non-Youtube Laden Grill 349

1.  Bacon Shake — 3 things I’m sure that it probably doesn’t include:  1. Bacon  2.  Milk  3.  Ice Cream 2. Gratuitous OOTP Link — You can still pre0rder v13 for a week.  My league will be switching to it… just sayin. 3. Frozen Kraut Jam   That’s all I really have.  I just didn’t ...

Experience a better package 106

Yesterday’s snack: kraut mix sprouts and wheat grass juice courtesy of Brooks and Daughters (yep, Jim’s a Sharks fan surprised he wasn’t sporting orange and black for the photo, though), juice container courtesy of F-K.com. We’re buying sprouts and “green juice” (as JP calls it — he loves it!) every Saturday around 10 at the ...

All about sausage 181

#Athletics agree to terms with Brandon McCarthy and Joey Devine on one-year contracts, avoiding arbitration. — Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) January 17, 2012 The A’s should start a Despond Squad Source: Ludwick deal with #Reds is one year with a mutual option for 2013. #MLB — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) January 17, 2012 Cool old ’20s-’30s footage ...

Brisk it ain’t.. 139

My family is jewish, but we it was never a religious identification. It’s always been as much about food as anything. Despite going without it for 20 years and not missing it, brisket is comfort food for me. I made the mistake of offering and you all make the mistake of encouraging me.

Put Some Kraut in Your Life 264

The Adventures of Super-Kraut batgirl bait {snerk} Kraut Packers

Croat of the Day 705

Today we celebrate the birthday of a Croat who has given us Baroque stylistic richness and, frequently, rhetorical excess. Oh yeah — this dude, too.

Sarma, Salma’s Tasty Sister 127

You need: – Fermented cabbage* (One complete head(?)) – Onion (one big one or two smaller ones) – Egg (one or two) – Salt – Pepper – Panceta or similar dry meat (a chunk) – Minced meat (pork and beef mix, about 2 lb) – Red paprika powder (lots, at best the Hungarian one) – ...

I Guess You FKers Could Put Kraut On It: Potato Leek Soup 65

Made this tonight and it was quite good so I thought I would share.  Simple winter warming food. Six medium leaks 2 lbs yukon gold potatoes 4 rashes of bacon 2.5 Cups Straus Family Creamery Organic Whole Non Homogenized Milk 4 Tbsp non salted butter FRESH GRATED black peper Sea or Kosher Salt 1 qt free range ...

Happy Kraut Tamping Day! 320

I’ve been tamping my kraut all morning. My people traditionally perform a F(il)K of one of The Old Songs on this Day of Tamping, but I’m conflicted — “Tamp the Kraut Down” is a perfect title, but the tone and narrative is inappropriate for a day of celebration (plus, who would the bilious target be? ...

It’s a Kraut Tamping Eve miracle! 69

Don the traditional costumes! It is time for the stamping of the kraut tamps! And then, the ritual thrashing of the kraut tamp stamp assessor!