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June 8 Game Thread: the shallow end of the pool 63

Staplehead walkoff HR in the 12th?  Outman CG shutout with 77 pitches thrown?  Increased toll to drive across the Denard Span?  Anything’s possible!  The world’s our oyster!  There’s no I in TEAM.  Yeah, baby, I am into banal.  Also sunsets.

DLD and Game Thread 6.7.09 27

Happy Sunday.  Let’s make it six today. “You cannot be serious!” “Rubber ducky you’re the one, you make bathtime lots of fun a less life-threatening experience” “I love the Indian casino. They have such wonderful buffets,” Madsen said. “Can you feel it baby?  Yeah, I do too!” Game time 1:05 PM Lineups: Baltimora: Jimmy McNulty ...

Pre-Jordin Sparks thread 59

Same old same old: Cust still in, Sweeney still out (but not DL’ed), no Crosby, Leadoff Hitter Extraordinaire still leading off.

Game Thread 31

Christ, you people are lazy, etc. Superb inning by Braden. It was a pleasure to watch. I like these “O’s” hats better than the ones with the bird. A’s win 6-1.

It is time for us to act on what everyone knows to be true: DLD + game thread 060409 167

Damn straight: Chavvy, it’s time to hang up the spikes Best use of the word “vestigial” ever in a movie Whoa. I’m guessing … Michael Hutchence Disease. Dept. of Radosh Media Betes Noires: Or an e-mail joke circulating among Iranians: “The Election Commission has announced in its last statement regarding the election that writing names ...

Ugh. 34

I count 4 major-league hitters in the A’s lineup tonight. Leadoff Hitter Extraordinaire continues his inexplicable hold on the #1 slot, Crosby + DFAvis get the start against the lefty, and Woohoozuki has the night off. (OK, I’ll be charitable and say that Powell has the potential to be a major-league hitter.) And Outman looks ...

Here He Is Mazzaro: Game Theory thread 63

Same lineup as yesterday. Another opposing RH starter (won’t make that mistake two days in a row) = another day w/o Crosby. you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

So where’s your open *series* thread, Dittmer? 21

Ho-hum. Usual lineup machinations — at least we’re facing a lefty major-league pitcher, so no Crosby. you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

Final day of May game thread 25

For the final time in the decade of the 2000’s, your Oakland Athletics take the field for a game in the month of May.  So far in May 2009 they are 10-18.  The 18 losses this month tie for the third-worst month of the decade (20 losses each in August 2008 and May 2005; the ...