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Game Thread 26

Crafty righthander Justin Duchscherer has avoided the bobble-jinx today, so the A’s are in good shape. via slusser Copeland era comes to an end. Kennedy is starting batting 7th. Petit down. Gray up.  Someone on the boards said that someone on the radio said that geren said that Bobby C. will get most of ...

De-kludging Free Kraut; Game Thread 41

In place of your basic lineup list, DFA and I present to you the following: Beta Version of a usable FK site You should probably set up your own login (it defaults to editor), but it may take longer than expected to get your password, so you can also sign in as jcrewjr / freekraut. ...


Some Cuddly Guys Hoping Can Score Big Clown Porn Dallas

Trying this FKing thing out 179

News from SuSlu: MaEl’s livestock injury is “relatively severe” and he is expected to miss four to six weeks. The MRI on Eric Chavez showed blahblahblah. Same shit, different day. Lineup for the A’s: Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Wolverine

Game Thread 107

My internet and tv are working! Go me! Go A’s! Boooo umpire!


It�s Patterson + Cameron Never question TDF when he�s been reading the spoor trail Who gets dropped from the 40-man? Herrera? Gray? I guess Crosby or Chavez would be too much to hope for? Slusser sez that the extra spot on the 40-man will come from Duke going from the 15-day DL to the 60-day ...

This game already sucks 50

Apparently Nomar is hurt again? And/or something about Ellis?

All Hail the Monkey Overlord! 96

All things equal, we could do a lot worse in this world. My, what a funny caption. It reminds me of something else…can’t quite place it…

25 April 09 Game Thread 13

Radio only game, Braden vs. Garza Sweeney Cabrera Giambi Holiday Cust Nomar Buck Ellis Powell Insert clever xbx edit here.

042409 Game thread: Beavis Truck With Dutch 20

Welcome to Kazmiristan. Sweeney Cabrera Garciaparra Holliday Cust Suzuki Chavez Ellis Crosby XbX edit: This game thread is sponsored by MLB09: The Show