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A’s! Giants! Mazzaro! Lincecum! 30

It’s sunny and warm.  The Bay Area is teh epicenter of awesome. And we don’t have to live in Lancaster PA, where the town has allowed an unaccountable secret foundation to put cameras on every street in town, as its unscreened volunteers watching banks of monitors call the cops when they decide they don’t like ...

Game Thread 20

Hey, the A’s are back in an AL park and once again get to use the DH. Just think of all the fun we’ll have watching an extra hitter take some swings. I am not going to post the lineup; check for yourself if you dare….

If Geren plays the infield in today, I’m going on a multistate killing spree / DLD / Open Thread until the end of time (or at least the end of Free Kraut) 43

Kennedy, Cust, Holliday, Giambi, Sweeney, Cabrera, Powell, Hannahan, Braden Cabrera’s actually looked pretty good on both sides since his “I suck” moment. Seriously, though, Bob — you play the infield in, I’m comin’ after you and a whoooooooooole bunch of drifters.

Outman out, man 7

A’s down 1-0, Edgar in.

A’s score! A’s score! A’s score! 33

1-0 going to the bottom of the first. WTF was that pitch Cust missed?

Geren Goes Back to his Dog-eared Copy of The Book 17

Kennedy Cust Holliday Giambi Suzuki Hannahan Cabrera Davis Anderson Update!: Kate Longworth just said Geren told her he is “giving Cabrera a day off from the leadoff position.” hahahaha. Chavez: Eric Chavez is having a microdiscectomy, manager Bob Geren told reporters at AT&T Park. A month ago, Chavez told me that because he already has ...

Big Unit and the Outman 4

You can have Dick Pole, Rusty Kuntz, and even Urban Shocker.  For my money, Randy Johnson is in the inner circle of the great baseball names Hall of Fame.  And our guy ain’t so bad either. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no ...

Ixnay on the inxjay 38

No score going to the 5th. Cust’s double was a thing of beauty — as was the Giants’ relay. I’m not saying anything else.

Thread About Tonight’s A’s Game 31

Nice play by Rajai in the bottom of the first, throwing out the baserunning-rule-breaking Mauer. Liriano is struggling this year, especially with his control. Hopefully many walks and runs are in store.

-1 25