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34-37 Angels in the KrautField 62

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5/13: Silseth v Jeffries

5/14: Diaz v Blackburn & Laurenzen v Oller in a split entry double-header that is somehow “510 Day”

5/15: Sandoval v Montas

If this is His will, He's a son of a bitch.

62 thoughts on “34-37 Angels in the KrautField

  1. 5Aces May 13,2022 8:29 pm

    So it sounds like the non-vs the Tigers offense showed up. Maybe I like blackout rules after all.

    Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
  2. oblique May 14,2022 4:04 am

    This is the best headline!

  3. Future Ed May 14,2022 12:42 pm

    Maybe it should be called a “spliff doubleheader”

    I have $5. No I don\'t.
  4. Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 2:09 pm

    Is today the day?

  5. andeux May 14,2022 2:28 pm

    Not today, Scioscia.

    • Future Ed May 14,2022 2:36 pm || Up

      Well, not quite yet today

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 2:50 pm || Up

      So, This is great. Love the call, love the moment. But what I notice here and when I saw another highlight from I think 2003 earlier this week is the blousing of the uniform. I associate that big billowy uniforms everyone looks bigger and stronger like they are juicing to me. THe 2003 clip shocked me when I saw mark ellis. I think of him as a skinny small middle infielder, but with that cut on his shirt he looked a lot bigger than I remembered. Same thing happened to me this morning, Milo was playing a team featuring a guy he used to play with for years starting at age 9. I commented to that kids mom that he looked huge, and while we were talking she mentioned that he was late for practice the day uniforms were handed out and got the last one which was too big for him.

      I think there should be an effort for players to de-giancarlo-stantonify their uniforms.

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 3:02 pm || Up

      Pinder should ask to k.

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 3:25 pm || Up

      Vince overstates it when he says “A’s threatening”

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
  6. Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 3:31 pm

    Did not expect to have a run bestowed upon us today. What a surprising gift.

    • Future Ed May 14,2022 3:32 pm || Up

      we have 18 innings. I am not expecting much out of oller this evening

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 3:40 pm || Up

      Angels top of the lineup is such a gauntlet

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
      • Future Ed May 14,2022 3:43 pm || Up

        BTW I am not watching or listening because I can’t with angels games, but I am frequently checking gameday and that is why I didn ‘t know trout was a ph

        I have $5. No I don\'t.
        • Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 3:45 pm || Up

          Trout and Rendon pinch hitting. Must be nice.

        • Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 4:11 pm || Up

          “Brandon Marsh singles on a line drive to Elvis Andrus.”

  7. andeux May 14,2022 3:47 pm

    Barrera almost making us pine for Billy McK.

    • andeux May 14,2022 4:27 pm || Up

      Never mind.

      • Soaker May 14,2022 4:46 pm || Up

        I suspect your first comment there was right, but it’s nice that he has that moment to tell his grandchildren.

        What I discovered Blew. My. Mind. -- Pat Boone
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 5:36 pm || Up

      Error notwithstanding, How s the defense? Seems like Barerra has more upside.

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
  8. Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 4:27 pm


  9. 5Aces May 14,2022 4:37 pm

    If you had told me this morning we would split the DH I’d be happy. We should just send Oller back to LV, forfeit, and go tailgate all night.

    Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
    • andeux May 14,2022 4:41 pm || Up

      I was thinking earlier (more credibility if I had actually posted it then) that it was a weird for Scioscia to rest Trout and Rendon in the first game, given that they could probably still score 8 without them in the nightcap.

      • Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 4:48 pm || Up

        A hot take I’ve been considering is Oller isn’t as bad as his results so far. Seems like a guy the A’s might turn into a useful pitcher down the road.

        • 5Aces May 14,2022 4:56 pm || Up

          I will say this-we have always seemed to get guys, have them be tire fires for some time, and figure it out. And useful for the next season or 2 may not equal “good” so you could be right.

          Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
          • Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 4:59 pm || Up

            I read something from Eno Sarris that seemed to say (if I’m remembering right) that his slider grades out as elite, and that the problem this year has been uncharacteristically bad fastball command. For some reason that’s the kind of package I trust the A’s to make something out of.

        • andeux May 14,2022 5:33 pm || Up

          That’s an extremely hot take.
          My considerably cooler take is that guys who make the big leagues after spending time in indy ball make good stories, but almost never amount to very much.

          But 5Aces’ point is a good one. IIRC, Blevins, Jesse Chavez, and Hendriks all had us questioning how they kept their 40-man roster spots before putting it together. And Braden didn’t seem like he offered very much at first either.

          • nevermoor May 15,2022 9:02 am || Up

            Braden also didn’t offer us very much at last, though.

            I remember concluding he was the worst pitcher to ever throw a perfect game (though, I also remember it being somewhat close)

            "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want"
            • Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 9:04 am || Up

              He was ok. Just didn’t have a working shoulder.

              • andeux May 15,2022 9:19 am || Up

                This. ERA+ of 113 and 117 in the two years once he stuck in the rotation, and even better in 3 starts the following year before his career abruptly ended.

                As for the perfectos, Phil Humber (2 years after Braden’s) was clearly worse. Braden is probably second, yeah, but that’s mostly because it’s pretty damn hard for a bad pitcher to fluke his way into a perfect game (a lot harder than a mere no-hitter). For that matter, it’s pretty damn hard for a good pitcher to throw one. There have only been 23 of them.

              • Soaker May 15,2022 10:40 am || Up

                There was also a surgical mishap involving his foot which resulted in a lawsuit.

                What I discovered Blew. My. Mind. -- Pat Boone
        • Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 8:17 pm || Up

          I am no longer considering this take.

          • Future Ed May 14,2022 8:24 pm || Up

            this is a really good offensive team. That second was painful. the 4th was predictable

            I am glad his last major league batter was an out and he got through 5. If its not his last major league pitch, I won’t be surprised, though

            I have $5. No I don\'t.
  10. Glorious Mundy May 14,2022 5:04 pm

    Wonder what kind of odds I could still get on Paul Blackburn being an all star.

    • Future Ed May 14,2022 5:23 pm || Up

      Poor guy will be on the leaderboards for 2 days, then off. Like every week

      But yeah, who else?

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 5:26 pm || Up


      I have $5. No I don\'t.
      • 5Aces May 14,2022 6:54 pm || Up

        I miss the Duke. He was a #1.

        Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
        • nevermoor May 15,2022 9:03 am || Up

          #1 in our hearts, #26 in scrabble points per letter. Particularly when spelled appropriately as Duchschererererererer.

          "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want"
  11. andeux May 14,2022 7:02 pm

    Oller does not appear to have fixed his command issues.

    • Future Ed May 14,2022 7:09 pm || Up

      More strikes than balls

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 7:15 pm || Up

      That tracks

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 7:32 pm || Up

      Oller has only given up 2 hits

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
    • Future Ed May 14,2022 8:03 pm || Up

      I mean, Bob III must have though that Oller was going to have to wear it, and a 4 run deficit with 5 innings to go was a precarious spot, but a third time through the order with 2022 Ward, trout, ohtani and rendon?

      I have $5. No I don\'t.
  12. Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 8:18 am

    Nick Swisher on the call for this Peacock game. He’s awfully peppy for 11 am Atlanta time.

  13. Soaker May 15,2022 10:33 am

    I have apparently maxed out my limit of free NYT articles but I see the A’s are a featured story on the front page of their web site this morning.

    What I discovered Blew. My. Mind. -- Pat Boone
  14. 5Aces May 15,2022 12:33 pm

    So earlier this season there was the discussion that it made sense to pull an older starter on a team shooting for the series even if he is pitching a no-no, etc.

    What do you do if you have a young guy on a terribly awful team? Somewhat related Hunter Greene is just over 100 pitches after 7 innings against the Pirates.

    Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
    • andeux May 15,2022 1:36 pm || Up

      My guideline is that if they have a chance to complete it with ~120 pitches (maybe 130 for a proven durable vet) they should be left in until they give up a hit or have otherwise clearly lost it.
      So 100 pitches after 6, I would take them out, since they aren’t realistically going to make it through 9 anyway. 100 pitches after 7 is right on the borderline.

  15. 5Aces May 15,2022 12:57 pm

    Pulled after 118(?) pitches. 7.1, 2 walks in the 8th.

    Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty
  16. Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 1:15 pm

    Didn’t get swept. That’s the important thing.

    • andeux May 15,2022 1:32 pm || Up

      Or no-hit!

      • Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 1:53 pm || Up

        Would I take getting no hit if we win the game…yes, I think I would.

        • andeux May 15,2022 1:58 pm || Up

          Oh wow, I hadn’t seen how that one ended.
          The Reds are really something.

          The other fun one I heard last week was that Yelich had just hit for the third cycle of his career, all against the Reds.

  17. Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 2:22 pm

    Cleanup hitter sac bunting down two runs in the third inning.

  18. Glorious Mundy May 15,2022 3:54 pm

    One run seems like a pretty bad return on three sac bunts.

  19. Future Ed May 15,2022 8:14 pm

    This was the most successful 1-3 series against the angels I can remember.

    I have $5. No I don\'t.
  20. Future Ed May 16,2022 1:32 pm

    HS football coaches trying to convince parents that american football is less dangerous for concussions than soccer how powerful new evidence today

    I have $5. No I don\'t.
  21. Glorious Mundy May 16,2022 3:43 pm

    Bernie Williams is doing the anthem tonight on his electric guitar. That’s neat.

    • FreeSeatUpgrade May 16,2022 7:21 pm || Up

      He’s in the TV booth now, always such an interesting guy.

      "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."
  22. Glorious Mundy May 16,2022 3:51 pm

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