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Post Season Pre Election Grill 129

We haven’t had a KTOTD in a while. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! Emergency, everybody to get from street! Ever wonder why the person trolling you on Facetwitagram types with a Russian accent? OK, I’ll get off the cold war. I don’t think anyone has posted this here yet, though y’all might ...

LCS Thread 314

I am fine with any of the remaining teams winning the World Series except part of me wants the Cubs to never win the World Series again for some reason.

Real baseball! 93

Nice to wake up on Opening Day to blowing snow. What the hell, April?! A photo posted by Colin Bischoff (@colinflipper) on Apr 3, 2016 at 5:55am PDT Now: Cardinals at Pirates Then: Blue Jays at Rays Finally: Mets at Royals

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the March Madness of Kraut 327

I’m sure Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will play major roles in this Grillounge…but good grief, we need a break from that once in a while, and the Big Dance arrives just in time. Yes, it will probably come down to a FKing throwdown between Carolina and KU in Houston, but will there be a ...

Spring 474

The boys are back in town! 30 pitchers working today. Including these guys: It's underway … From nearest to furthest: Rzepczynski, Dull, Brooks, Hahn, Gray. #Athletics — Joe Stiglich (@JoeStiglichCSN) February 21, 2016 Note Ryan Dull’s relative hairlessness. Stephen Vogt is working into shape by chasing one year old boys. Sonny Gray plans to ...

2016 ZiPS – Tune in every 5 days for Sonny, I guess? 342

1. It’s not pretty. 2. Not sure if this has been discussed already but MLB.TV is offering single team packages for the upcoming season. Grill/link/lounge away

Fresh Lounge/Grill! 399

Enjoy! Don’t be scared!

R.I.P. Dave Henderson 14

He’s important enough to get a post of his own here, I say. This was reported within the past hour by Bob Nightengale on Twitter: Dave Henderson, the gregarious man known as Hendu, died Sunday, one month after getting a kidney transplant. He will be tremendously missed. Dave Henderson, who had a kidney disease and ...

Post-Winter(ish) Meetings Grill-like Substance 297

Isn’t it kind of messed up that the “Winter Meetings” happen in late autumn? Also, everyone uses words wrong nowadays all the time and you’re not allowed to correct them on it or you are a mansplainer or a purveyor of “well, actuallys.” Anyhoo, here’s a new place to discuss the Oakland A’s underwhelming roster ...

Grill and/or Lounge: November came and went… 402

Here, use this new thread.