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2016 ZiPS – Tune in every 5 days for Sonny, I guess? 342

1. It’s not pretty. 2. Not sure if this has been discussed already but MLB.TV is offering single team packages for the upcoming season. Grill/link/lounge away

Fresh Lounge/Grill! 399

Enjoy! Don’t be scared!

R.I.P. Dave Henderson 14

He’s important enough to get a post of his own here, I say. This was reported within the past hour by Bob Nightengale on Twitter: Dave Henderson, the gregarious man known as Hendu, died Sunday, one month after getting a kidney transplant. He will be tremendously missed. Dave Henderson, who had a kidney disease and ...

Post-Winter(ish) Meetings Grill-like Substance 297

Isn’t it kind of messed up that the “Winter Meetings” happen in late autumn? Also, everyone uses words wrong nowadays all the time and you’re not allowed to correct them on it or you are a mansplainer or a purveyor of “well, actuallys.” Anyhoo, here’s a new place to discuss the Oakland A’s underwhelming roster ...

Grill and/or Lounge: November came and went… 402

Here, use this new thread.

Friday Grill or lounge or whatever 284

Come for the Russian spam, stay for the betting tips. Since this is still nominally an A’s blog, it’s worth mentioning that Pat Venditte was lost on waivers the other day. While I was not as gaga as some of you about him, there are still about six relievers on the roster who were worse, ...

The Lounge Where Life Is But A Dream 201

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Oakland A’s are no longer playing baseball on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure that means the off-season is upon us. So…pull up a chair and lounge away until pitchers and catchers report in 659 days*   *Editors Note – Time Approximate

Grill at Will 167

I do believe we need a new grill on this last off day of the Worst. Season. Ever. I’m kind of short of links, though. Could you all fill them in? I’ll be in my office. The members the committee are custom term paper keenly aware their serious responsibility in selecting patients who have the ...

Sunday night Lounge 282

Today was a weird day. Let’s kill some time.

Hot Holiday Weekend Ahead – we need a New Grill 253

We’ve been woefully lacking in KOTDs of late. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be this type of fan. DFWAS I drove through the central valley last weekend. Not saying this is going to happen here, but damn are they pissed off through there. It’s nice to have Taibbi back at Rolling Stone. ...