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Condiment Bar – 15 April 2009 82

This is a picture of great social and political import. I will have more to say later. In the meantime, dump away. EDIT: OK, I am assuming that the complete lack of comments about this photograph indicates an intense curiosity. This is an actual photo of the condiment bar to the left of the Saag’s ...

DLD 04/14/2009 139

DLD 3/13/09 101

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040909 DLD: My one-eyed male canary is lonely 69

This guy should try offering meat Uh, speaking of an absent-minded professor: “I suspect it’s a joke about numbers” The more I read about the subject of this interview, the more I’m convinced that I would have loathed him personally Leopold Bloom/67MARQUEZ bait: strobe lights and girls in hotpants (“good morning”? Really?) Words fail me: ...

040809 DLD: The meat for sex hypothesis 70

You will get three links. You will click them. You will read them. My hero Michael Bay is a fellow cheap bastard “Sal� Done Right!!” The link you were waiting for Oh, OK, since last night’s result was such a visit to Pleasure Island:

DLD 4/7/09: Cahill, lineups, Hilary Duff on the run 64

1. Cahill tonight! Excited about that, but sad to read this: Roy Steele, the A’s main public-address announcer since the team arrived in Oakland in 1968, is unlikely to handle PA duties the first month of the season because of poor health. Roy Steele anchors my baseball memories in the same way Bill King does. ...

DLD 04/06/09 and Game 1 Thread 114

via Bullpen Baker via LA Times Let’s. Do. This.

Weekend DLD: Opening Day Roster 62

Slusser Gio, Hannahan, Pennington, Denorfia, Barton down. Devine to 60-day DL… Gallagher, Bailey, in the bullpen. So: Suzuki Powell Giambi Ellis Cabrera “HR” Chavy Nomar Crosby Cust Buck Sweeney Holliday Rajai Braden Cahill Eveland Anderson Outman Gallagher Bailey Ziggy Casilla Springer Wuertz Blevins I’m curious how Gallagher will be used. He may be the second ...

4/3/09: Another tree-saving, newspaper-killing DLD 81

In 2005, when I was working for Safeway in San Rafael, I had the good fortune of getting some free-lance work with Media News Group’s Marin County edition.   Fifty bucks to write a high school football game wrap?  Great work, if you can get it.  Later, I was able to make full-time (albeit-less-than-$14/hr) work out ...

DLD 4/2/09 66

THT has a look at Matt Weiters and finds a beef with PECOTA: These translations, similar to Major League Equivalencies, are just as robust looking as the projection itself. The card gives us a translated batting line of .301/.396/.513 for his High-A performance, and a translated batting line of .349/.436/.627 for his Double-A—and yes, you ...